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Why the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

The importance of a content marketing strategy

We have all seen those websites. Striking visuals, compelling copy, a strong call to action- but blog pages last updated in 2021 and collection of e-resources written when covid wasn't even a 'thing'. A bit like stepping into the lobby of a luxury hotel only to be lead to your tired, dated room with its stained carpets and threadbare furnishings, outdated content can leave your visitors with a less than favorable impression. At best, it can make your website, and therefore your business, look neglected. At worst, it can leave visitors questioning whether you are still operating.

But a consistent and relevant content strategy is important for far more than just appearances. It can help you establish credibility, attract visitors, and build your brand's reputation. It should form a key pillar of your marketing strategy.

Why is content important?

With the average American exposed to between 4000 and 10000 marketing messages daily, getting yourself noticed is no mean feat. Today's time-sensitive consumers demand value if you are to win some of their highly sought-after attention. Here we look at why content is a powerful marketing strategy for your business.

Establishes you as an authority in your business

If the last few years have taught us anything, it is that nothing stands still for long. Technological developments, political instability, and economic uncertainty are driving change. And no one has been untouched.

There is a lot to talk about.

Sharing your thoughts and opinions on industry developments will help generate discussion and debate. Industry commentary can provide guidance and advice to consumers. Even company news or updates on product changes will demonstrate that you and your business are evolving with the times.

Builds trust with your audience.

Useful, value-adding content will help you build a relationship with your audience. Sharing information and thought leadership, without the much-despised pushy sales messages, will engender trust and credibility and leave your customer returning for more.

Drives Visibility

Consistent content creation will help your website get found more easily. Selling city breaks? Publishing blogs, guides and insights on the latest key destinations will encourage visitors to your website to look for city break information. If your content is particularly useful or innovative, companies may link to your website as a reliable source of 'city break' info. Slowly but surely, Google will identify your website as a credible source of website information. The result? Your website will climb the search engine rankings for terms related to your content.

Bolsters your social strategy

Getting heard among the cacophony of Twitter rants, musings, and randomness isn't always easy. Drive that visibility and engagement by sharing helpful, original and informative content. As Neil Patel, Social Media Strategist says, 'commit to teach and be consistently awesome' and watch those likes, shares, and reposts clock up.

Don't get forgotten!

But content doesn't always have to inform or educate. Some of the most powerful and memorable content has been created purely to entertain, hoping it will be shared. Remember the viral sensation, the 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge'? It's safe to say no one learnt a great deal from having a bucket of ice thrown over them, therefore failing to tick the informational or educational criteria. But such was the buzz around the challenge, with even celebrities such as Bill Gates getting involved, that the ALS Association said it helped raise $2.2 million in funds.

Keen to discuss awareness-boosting content for your brand?

Whether you need help with attention-grabbing blog creation, support with crafting conversion-driving case studies, or are looking to share the knowledge with industry-leading white papers, I would love to chat!

Contact me now on or on 07951 538838.

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